Oversize Bags – Women’s must haves

Valeries Bags | Imaatu | Stefan Gergely

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Valeries oversize bags are trendy, whether as shoppers for a discreet casual outfit or as weekenders for larger adventures. As a popular accessory, the “Oversize Bags” from Valeries Design combine style with plenty of space. Large enough to stow everything important, but not too big, so that you can carry the all-rounder even looser over your shoulder thanks to the longer strap. Your hands remain free for everything that is important in everyday life.

A timeless product of Italian craftsmanship

Valeries Bags | Imaatu | Stefan Gergely

European Production

The demand for sustainable products is growing steadily. More and more people are buying products that use resources such as water, soil and raw materials sparingly. The deserved reward for the special quality of workmanship and responsible production of each individual bag means a lot to us. We only use materials from EU Green LIFE certified suppliers. All our FAIRTRADE Certified Cotton fabrics are made from controlled, manufactured natural textiles, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Fashion meets Function
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Classic designs meet casual chic and radiate an unmistakable glamour through the high-quality materials. The label has gone through a true metamorphosis under the creative direction of Valerie. The designer combines modern materials to a glamorous look …and conquers the fashion world! Each Valerie Bag is developed by hand with love and passion in Vienna, the production takes place in a small family production in Milan. Design and exclusive workmanship are geared towards longevity,

Underline your personality with this handcrafted piece of jewelry

Valeries Bags | Imaatu | Stefan Gergely

Individual Design

We are happy to respond to special requests and produce your unmistakable, individual model.

Model with Bag "Safari Look" sport

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Women’s must haves

Valeries Bags | Imaatu | Stefan Gergely


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